The Establishment of the Gok-Turks State 552

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The Establishment of the Gok-Turks State 552 Empty The Establishment of the Gok-Turks State 552

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The Establishment of the Gok-Turks State 552

It is known that for the first time the Gok-Turks appeared in history as being dependent to the Juan Juans. They were busy with the blacksmith's profession as their traditional art in the mountains of Altay and they manufactured guns to the Juan Juans. Even that time they were not disorganized. According to Çou-shu (Chinese yearbook, 550-557), A-hien, the ancestor of Bumin (in Chines, T'u-men) the founder of the Gok-Turks, had the title of "şad" (merry, merry wise) and Tu-wa, the leader came before Bumin, was known as Ta-ye-hu (the big yabgu). Thus, the essence of the dependence of the Turkish groups to the Juan Juans was federal. Later, Bumin in the year of 534 had political relations with the administers of the north Tabgaç (Wei), in 542 he was seen near the River of Huang-ho in front of his raiders, and in 545 he received the envoy sent by the king of West Tabgaç with the words "a committee comes from the emperorship, our state will be honoured". Işbara, one of the Gok-Turks khans, in a speech he held in 585, said that the Gok-Turks State was established 50 years ago, which means in 535.

However, Bumin established his emperorship in Ötüken (in the west of the River of Orkhun, in the 47th latitude and 101st longitude), the capital of the former Great Huns Emperorship in the year of 552. Before this establishment, Bumin in 546 suppressed the rebellion of Töles against the Juan Juans and wished to marry the daughter of that state, as he wanted to show that he had the same worth with that state's king; but he was refused rudely. Then, he occupied the lands of Juan Juans until they were collapsed totally, and he officially named himself "il-khan". Bumin died in the year of the establishment of the state, after he offered to his brother Istemiye the name of "Yabgu" and the sovereignty of the east region of the state, since he helped Bumin during the establishment of the west region of the state.

Istemi continued his conquests in the west, and the state had its precious period when K'o-lo (Kara?), the son of Bumin, and Mu-kan (553-572), the other son of Bumin that became king after the dead of his brother, had the power in Otüken. Mu-kan Khan, as mentioned in the Chinese sources, had an awesome appearance and bright blue eyes, he had been powerful and harshness, defeated the Juan Juans with a last stroke (556), and had the control of the countries of Ki-tans and Kirghiz. He suppressed the dynasty of Chou, who replaced the West Tabgaçs in China, and the dynasty of Tsi. He prevented the military support of China to the state of Ak-huns-Eftalit and the people of Transoxiana who requested the Chinese support against the operations of Istemi. In 564, he blockaded Tsin-yang, the capital of Tsi in Şan-si and he married his daughter princess Aşına to the emperor of Chou (568). According to the sources, the Chinese emperor pacified the khan of Gok-Turks, who possessed wide countries and army of 100.000 people, by forming a kinship.
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