The Roots of Gok-Turks

اذهب الى الأسفل

The Roots of Gok-Turks Empty The Roots of Gok-Turks

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The Roots of Gok-Turks

The origins of the Gok-Turks, according to the Chinese sources, came from the Asian Huns. The leader's family was named Aşına (Asena, Zena, etc.). Gok-Turks' history mixed up with the legends about the derivation of the Aşına family from a female wolf.

[ But, the tradition of deriving from a wolf existed also between the Asian Huns and the tale about the transportation of the Turks from the narrow and intransitive ways to safer places by the father wolf, was told in the 3rd century between the Tabgaçs. This fact shows firstly the oldness of the Turks and the close relationship with the Turkish groups. Besides, the tale of the Aşına family about the massacre and the salvation of only a boy, hides a tragedy of which we do not know exactly what happened in the earliest history of the Gok-Turks. The symbol of the kingdom of Gok-Turks had been a flag with a golden wolf head because of the belief of the father wolf
lonely wolf
lonely wolf

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