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مُساهمة من طرف rmadi41 في الأربعاء يونيو 11, 2008 3:04 am

نقلا من قروب البخارية على الفيس بوك من Sultan Uyghur
i am The Son Of The Sun
i Come From The Darkness Of The Midnight Of The North
From The Valleys Of Siberia
Siberia Which Adopted Its Name From Our Sabar Turks
Long Before The Conception Of Jesus
i Travelled Through The Dark Forests On Horseback
Where The Winds Crack Wrought Iron
i Was Contributing a Warm Breah
From Beneath My Felt Tent
i Am The One That Melted The wrought Iron Mountain In Ergenokon
i Am The One Who First Saddled The Wild Stallion
If You Say That Civilization Begins With The Horse
Then Civilization Begins With Me
The Number Of Obstacles i Got Over On Horseback
Wild , Gushing Rivers
Great , Snowy Mountains
And The Great Wall Of China Too
i Gave Commands To The Kings Of The World
From Sunrise To Sunset
i Named The Alp Mountains After Me
And The Balkans In The West
Almost 5000 Years
In The Cool Valles Of The Tanri Mountains
i Am The GokTurks
Who Gave You Your Name
Who Organized Your Disperesed Nations
The Uyghurs , Thats Who i Am
i Am The One Who Rode Into Rome
And Established Hungary
And Whose Name Is Known By All The Universe
i Am The Great Commander Atilla
My Story Is Told
In Songs That Were Sung Along The Borders Of The Danube For 400 Years
i Am Timur
i Am Cengiz
i Am He
Who Defied The Whole World
Even If Others Wrote Down The History
i Am The One Who Created It.

عدد الرسائل : 450
العمر : 40
العائلة التركمانية : karluk
تاريخ التسجيل : 16/03/2008

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