Name of Oguz

اذهب الى الأسفل

Name of Oguz Empty Name of Oguz

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Name of Oguz

The name of Oguz is derived from the word of "ok" (arrow). The word of ok has also the meaning of "tribe" in Turkish language. As a matter of fact, this word was translated into Chinese language as "tribe" even in those periods (for example On-ok = Ten tribes).

Accordingly, the suffix of z that was the plural suffix in the ancient Turkish language was attached to the word "ok" and "the name of "Oguz" was derived thereof. In fact, the name of "Oguz" is not an "ethnical" name and it is a word that directly defined the meaning of "Turkish tribes".

The name of "Oguz" has been firstly observed in the 1st inscription ("Six Oguz tribal union") in the banks of the Barlık Stream (Ulu-kem: flows into Yenisey River). It is the subject matter that 6 tribes had integrated and formed a "tribal union". Since the inscription belonged to their beys, it should be admitted that these Oguz people survived within these environs in the form of a union. However, it seems possible to date back the identification of Oguz style to the very ancient periods.

Within the Chinese resources, a tribe named as O-kut (there was not the name of Turk in those periods) pertaining to the 2nd century BC was cited. This name was the Chinese form of the Turkish name of "Ogur". This difference has resulted from the difference of pronunciation of some Turkish communities that spelled the voice of z as r in Turkish language. In other words, it is the expression of the name of Oguz in R Turkish. The region of Tabargatay-Kobdo was indicated as the region of O-kut people within the Chinese resources. As it has been known, this region was a region of Turks.

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