The Hsiung-nu's

اذهب الى الأسفل

The Hsiung-nu's Empty The Hsiung-nu's

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The Hsiung-nu's

Although it seems natural that foreign tribes like the Mongolian, Tunguz etc. take place beneath the Turks at the great emperorship that was founded by this group which, according to Chinese sources, has the name Hsiung-nu what means "North Barbarian Emperorship" and is used to express some groups of the race of the Mongolian and the Tunguz together with the Turks, there are convincing evidences that the main element that founded and executed the state was had been the Turks.

In this state the Turkish steppe culture was dominant and not the actually forest tribe Mongolian or Tunguz, it was believed in the Sky-God and the family was build on a "father-law". The language of the administrative group and the dynasty in the Hsiung-nu state was Turkish. Following words from the Chinese yearbooks, that was written due to political cultural contacts say: God, Luck, Plume, Sword etc. are totally Turkish and old remembrances from the Turkish language. And finally the owners of the state called themselves "Hun" what means "men, human, people" in Turkish.
lonely wolf
lonely wolf

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