The Hun Emperorships

اذهب الى الأسفل

The Hun Emperorships Empty The Hun Emperorships

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I. THE ASIAN TURK STATES / 1. The Hun Emperorships

It was seen that the Turks, as a population of the plateau-climation steppes rather than deserts, plains and mountains and as the carrier of a culture that was established and developed at the steppes, while they spread out mostly did not stopped outside the boundaries of the steppe circle or entered forests or very hot and humid regions. It is interesting to see that the Turk groups who moved to foreign regions that do not fit to their own way of living, could not stay for long times and often lost their possessions (the Tabgaç's in China, the Hun's in West Europe, the Bulgarian in the Balkans, and like different Turk states that came from North India).

The ground where the Turks with many smaller and bigger political formations showed their existence for a long time lasts like a big belt beginning from North China, including the whole Middle Asia, Iran and Anatolia up to the Danube's elbow in Europe. Even today in general the Turkish population lives on the same North China - Middle Europe belt.

lonely wolf
lonely wolf

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