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Mete Han (209 - 174 B.C

Teoman, the father of Mete Han is named as Tan-hu (or Şan-yü) in the Chinese yearbooks. In Hun language this expression means the emperor title and shows that he was not an ordinary leader of a clan but a president of a state that was formed long time ago. After his stepmother forced his father to abandon his right for the throne, Mete Han killed his father Teoman at a cattle drive he joined with his 10 thousand steel disciplined soldiers and was announced the Hun Tan-hu (209 B.C.).

After Mete Han had scattered the Tung-hu a Mongolian-Tunguz tribes unity in east, that insisted in demanding land he extended his regency up to north Pecli and turned to south-west where he repelled the Yu-chi in Middle-Asia, who were supposed to be India-European rooted, and moved them out of their land. While these groups drew back to west, Mete Han turned towards south and captured the Ordos region which lays in the elbow of the great Huan-ho region, from there he penetrated the Chinese grounds.

He captured the cities Mai-yi and T'ai-yuan. With a steppe-method fake pull back tactics he encircled the 320 thousand infantrymen of the Han dynasty founder Emperor Kao-ti (201 B.C.). The Emperor could save himself and his army only with the condition to leave the former land of the Turks to the Hun State, give them food and silk and the undertaking to pay annual taxes. While having peaceful commercial contacts with China, Mete Han captured the steppes down to Irtish river bed (Kie-kun = Land of the Kirghiz) and west from there the place of the Ting-ling, some old Ogur (O-k'ut) arms with the inhabited land and north Turkistan and took the Vu-sun's around the Lake Isik to his sovereignty.

Herewith the great Hum Emperor had collected all the tribes of Turkish race that lived on the continent Asia for this period at his administration under one flag. At this time the borders of the Empire reached out from Manchuria to Lake Aral, from west Sibera to the Gobi Desert - Tibet line and nations like the Mongolian, the Tunguz and the Chinese were subordinated to the Hun's. From the letter Mete Han had sent to the Chinese government in 177 B.C. it is seen that the number of tribes dependent to the Turkish State was 26 and all of them, according to Tan-hu's statement became "bow stretching folk" which means "Hun".

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lonely wolf

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